Social Distance Training

Covid-19 has definitely complicated my training life. Working out alone is incredibly hard. Working out without a gym is even harder.

For me, places have purposes.

At my Krav studio, I’m at a place where the purpose is to work out. So it gets me into the mindset. Plus having my friends to work with is excellent for motivation. I’m there to work.

However, when I’m in my living room in my home, I am not thinking about working out. I am thinking about lying on the couch and reading a book.

I had feeling burn-out for the last few months. I was in another skills rut where I felt like I wasn’t progressing.

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(For more information from Zac Sky who created this graphic, see his great website here.

For once in my life, I actually wanted to be moving uphill and going rapidly up an incline.

I know it’s normal. A lot of it is that I am passed the “ohhh, new skill” phase and more “refine this skill.” It’s a lot more fun to learn something new. It’s a lot less fun to learn and practice every small detail in endless repetition to prepare me for mastery.

So practicing was harder for me. Now, it’s only worse. I have the same feelings of inadequacy, but now I have to go through it alone.

I discussed this with my teacher Raz Chen and I want to offer his advice method.

“Minimum 30 minute a day sweating and raising your heart rate. No excuses.”

Yeah, it’s harsh, especially to American ears, but it’s needed and true. Sympathy and comfort would only waste my time. I am going to have to find a way to work out and if that means being miserable, so be it. It needs to get done, so make it happen.

Here’s two ways I’ve found that have really helped me make the training a bit better.

  1. Figure out what skills I’ll need to break through the plateau and actually progress. Based on my talks with Raz, I need to increase my stamina and upper body strength.
  2. Do something new and fun. While Krav Maga has been my life, I have the time to cross-train. I can build stamina by doing some dancing, and not worry about looking silly in a class. I’m looking forward to feeling like Beyonce in my own living room.

Most of all, I remind myself this break can be positive. If I use it to train right, I can come back to Krav Maga, and be out of the rut and up on an incline.

Knowing my teacher, I’ll definitely be assigned homework on running intervals on an incline.

So, upwards and onwards.

Writer, lawyer, Kravist, friend

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