Movie Krav isn’t Krav.


First, yes, you should wear a cup. Seriously, it’s required for male students for a reason.

But here’s the thing that irritates me.

Hands on the chest is not a bear hug. A bear hug is confining you and pinning you, or lifting you off the ground. It’s about control.

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That is a bear hug. He’s lifting her up in order to either slam her to the ground or take her somewhere.

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This is a bear hug, confining arms to keep control. The attacker can pick them up or slam them to the ground.

In the clip, we’re getting a groping, not a bear hug.

Yes, a guy’s hands on my chest would be disgusting and wrong, but it’s not life-threatening or confining me in any way. I have the full range of motion of my arms and he is not trying to pick me up or slam me to the ground.

This is a sexual assault situation, so it’s very serious, but at this point, my life isn’t threatened. Yet. It can very easily go up into a rear naked choke-hold in seconds. I want that guy’s arms away from my neck and I want as much distance as possible.

I also disagree with the defense. Grabbing the attacker’s thumb and elbowing is not efficient, he will use the other arm to lock a choke on you. I’d use an elbow to the temples or jaw instead.

While an elbow to the ribs isn’t bad per se, it is not efficient. If he’s strong enough, he can absorb an elbow to the ribs and still keep fighting. You need to stop the threat.

That spinning take-down? Not something your average person can do and remember, the person doing this will be bigger and stronger than you.

Now, here is where we lose all ties to Krav.

So you get the guy’s hands off. At this point, as the incredible Krav Master Raz Chenhas taught me, I want to disengage with a nice side kick to the knee, (nice for you, not so nice for them) creating distance and then get away as quickly as possible.

As Raz told class just today, I never ever ever EVER want to get on the ground and mount as a finishing off. Yes, there are times I will do it, but it’s my last resort if nothing else works and I better know what I’m doing. (This is a post in of itself) So for the very most part, there are so many reasons why this instruction is a bad idea.

  • Remember, this is a sexual assault situation, the attacker likely wants me on the ground. So I’m just giving him exactly what he wants on a silver platter. Not a very good move.

Raz is a human weapon and he wouldn’t mount an attacker. He’d disengage.

So for us mere mortals, seriously, don’t go to the ground!

Writer, lawyer, Kravist, friend

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