Just do it.

The Question: For a guy who is not that fit and a little obese, is it stupid to consider learning a combat art like Krav Maga? Am I delusional to consider this? I am doing this because I am quite awkward and would like to shed that quality of mine

My answer: I’m awkward, out of shape and not fit, which is one of the reasons I started Krav Maga.

It’s not stupid at all. It’s the best choice you can make, you are doing something to get fit and lose weight and become more adroit.

It will take a huge amount of courage.

You will need to have the courage to be out of breath and winded. You will need the courage to struggle harder than your peers, and to feel like you’re constantly behind. It will mean pushing yourself really hard and being frustrated. It means having the courage to try, fail, and come back for more, over and over again.

It will mean making a lot of changes to your life. I’ve given up soft drinks and starting June 14, I’m severely reducing my sugar and refined carbs. When I first wrote this, I was working on attending 7 hours of class a week, and eight hours of outside prep work, like cardio-conditioning and weight lifting and practice. Now I do 10 classes a week and eight hours of outside prep work, like cardio-conditioning and weight lifting and practice.

It will be hard but it will be worth it. If you find the right teachers, you will find yourself really blooming.

You will develop courage and fortitude and strength. You will lose weight, and you will get in shape, but you will have a greater gift.

Your question used the words “stupid” and “awkward” and “delusional.”

That negativity will be the first to go. You will start learning to like your body again and to build your self esteem. You will find your intelligence, your grace and your confidence there.

Just be realistic about your goals. You aren’t in Krav Maga to become a member of Sayeret Matkal. But you are going to get healthier. The more you invest, the more success you will have and the better you will feel.

It doesn’t have to be Krav Maga, the teachers matter more than the style. Find a teacher who is professional, well trained, realistic, and inspiring.

You can do it. Consider me your first cheerleader.

Go out there and be a badass!

And if you’re in New York, come join the class. If you see an awkward person named Elke Weiss, come over and say hi, and get a high five from me.

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