So That One May Write In Peace

Jonathan Swift once said. “Falsehood flies, and the truth comes limping after it.”

Having to defend my reputation is something I shouldn’t have to do. The internet makes it so easy to lie about others, and catching up to such falsehoods is grueling.

I want to correct some facts.

I do not falsely misrepresent myself as a historian. I have a degree in Jewish Social Studies (history and culture) from Hunter College, with honors. I was a Lipper Intern at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, where I educated high school students on the Holocaust. During college, I did internships at the History Channel at the no longer active show “Global View” and was also an intern at the American Jewish Historical Society.

In Quora language, making repeated false accusations is considered harassment and is grounds for banning.

Second, I have 16,000 answers on Quora. That is available from a Google search.

Third, “professed Zionist” is just poor writing. Anyone who reads my page can see I’m a proud Israeli-American. Why not just write Zionist, besides an attempt to dehumanize me to readers?

Fourth, calling my answers “Hasbara” reminds me of Trump’s screams of “fake news.” Why not have readers read my answers and decide for themselves. I present my ideas respectfully in a marketplace and I make no apologies for participating in public debate. Falsely reporting my answers simply for disagreeing is also a violation of Quora policy and is grounds for banning.

Fifth, my views aren’t machine-generated. Saying “most likely” is a way to weasel out of saying “I have no proof.” Quora practices a strict “real name” policy and my views are legitimate. The answers mentioned in the tweet aren’t mine.

My views come from hard work, from putting in hours of research and spending my free time learning to be a better writer. Instead of being jealous of others who had better stats than myself, I learned from them.

Although in all honesty, my views are nothing to be jealous about. I have 25,000 followers and have been on Quora for around four years.

As an experiment in basic math, let us pretend that all 48 million views were divided only among my 25,000 subscribers. People who aren’t subscribed also read, but I’ll make it easy.

That’s 1920 views per person over my time at Quora or 480 a year, or 40 times a month.

Now, remember many of the readers of my article don’t even follow me and it’s likely the number drops even more dramatically.

Pretty pathetic for machine-generation. I imagine I’d have raised the numbers a bit higher if I had any actual control.

I admit, being bullied makes it tempting to trade insults, but I remind myself, I won’t allow others to change who I am.

I am a Krav Maga practitioner, and each day, I see the slogan “So that one may walk in peace.” Walking in peace means holding my tongue and walking away when attacked, unless I am defending myself or others.

I strive to be like my headteacher, Tsahi Shemesh. He has always encouraged students to behave with the utmost honor and decorum, to be an example for others. Seeing me reduced to yelling insults instead of a reasoned debate would be shameful.

So I’ll walk away in peace, and only say anyone who wants to decide for themselves is welcome to read my work.

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Writer, lawyer, Kravist, friend

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