I’m Only Getting Better

I am a nightmare before my birthday. I spent the month of January freaking out that I haven’t achieved enough and am an underachiever and a failure and OLD. I mourn my lost youth and am a general crying mess.

I need to pay tribute to my friend Mackenzie, who helpfully sent me this.

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I don’t praise him enough for how much he has done for me, but he’s my hero.

So yeah, what would my past think of me now?

Five years ago, I didn’t believe I’d be alive today. I was sure depression would have finished me off. It almost did.

Five years ago, I didn’t believe I’d ever willingly get off my computer to exercise. Okay, I still hate it, but I do it a lot more now.

Five years ago, I didn’t believe I would ever be P3 in Krav Maga. I didn’t even think I would do Krav Maga. I definitely never thought I’d willingly let someone choke me. I’m still not comfortable, but I am happy.

Most importantly, five years ago, I could never have imagined the friends I have now. I have met people in the last five years (mostly the last three) who have made my life so much better. They have given me so much joy and adventure and hope.

So, I’m looking at the future so hopefully. I have had so much good that I never imagined would be possible so far. I believe the future is only going to get better.

And that’s why I wrote this. To thank the friends I made along the way. You made these years bright and it’s an honor to be chosen to be in your lives. I hope to always live up to it.

Writer, lawyer, Kravist, friend

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