Getting Back on The Mat

Question: How do I overcome feeling self-conscious and intimidated as a beginner in a martial arts class?

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My Answer: Just remember that all the students are there for each other.

I have finished almost 730 hours of Krav Maga in 21 months. In class this week, I was among the top five students by rank in every single class.

I also felt self-conscious and intimidated.

For most of the class, I felt like I was the slowest and the most maladroit creation that has ever existed.

No matter how much progress I felt I had, I still winced at every single correction.

Martial arts is overwhelming. There are a hundred tiny movements and corrections you need to remember and improvements you could be making and you never feel good enough.

However, work on improving just 1% each class. Work on mastering one thing and trying your best.

In the end, if anyone mocks you or mistreats you, go to your teacher. Such behavior is cancerous and should not be permitted.

I remember taking a class called Fit to Fight and being the slowest student. I felt so intimidated and so self-conscious.

So I spoke to my incredible teacher Raz, who reminded me he had told me a few things.

  1. He had told me to take this class. In other words, he felt I belonged there and if anyone had a problem, they could see him.
  2. No one was thinking about me. They were thinking about themselves and their own insecurities.
  3. Krav Maga is as much mental as physical. Just as I have to push myself physically out of my comfort zone, I have to push myself mentally out of it to fail and keep going.

I hope the advice helps you as well.

If you are trying your best, relax. You’re doing better than most.

Writer, lawyer, Kravist, friend

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