I spoke a lot about how I lost my fire for Krav Maga. Tonight, I feel like I fell in love with the discipline all over again. I’m sorer than I could believe, I’m frustrated by my inability to do everything required, but I am so happy.

Raz Chen really hit it out of the park (literally) today in Park Krav Maga.

Normally, we do a class in the park which is grueling. Today, he devised an even more grueling journey called an Elephant March.

We were paired up, had our packs on our backs, and out we marched into the unknown. None of us knew what lay ahead, but a feeling of trust had come over us. We knew we were together and we knew Raz would guide us well.

We constantly had new challenges as we traveled from location to location. We trained on stairs, on benches, on building poles, and in one memorable moment, we duck-walked across the street, scaring a bunch of New Yorkers.

It didn’t matter that our gym could no longer contain our classes. New York City was our gym. We were surrounded by training material, all waiting for us to use.

Everything felt fresh and new. It wasn’t like we were doing our best despite Covid-19, it felt like a brand new amazing class that had nothing to do with the pandemic and everything to do with making us stronger.

We were pushed hard, but it also felt fresh and new and exciting in a way that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Every time we arrived somewhere, I had no idea what would be required of us. I just knew I would give it my best. And although I failed a lot, I definitely improved a little…I hope.

I want to pay tribute to Raz for putting this together. Tomorrow will be thirty-five months of Krav Maga, and it felt like I had that same pure joy I had those first few weeks when everything seemed impossible and wonderful and magical and exhausting.

I admit I had taken Krav Maga for granted in the last few months. It’s now just another part of my life. Wake up, go to work, go to Krav Zoom, start my computer, and do some projects.

Lately, due to my hatred of Zoom classes, I forgot how lucky I am that I managed to find such an incredible teacher on a random Groupon and how much this discipline has given me.

Today, I’m reminded why I’m so proud to call myself a Krav Maga practitioner.

I can’t wait for the next class.

Actually, scratch that. Yes, I can wait. I’m really sore and as giddy as I am, I have a feeling I won’t be in the morning.

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