I was deeply moved by the blogpost of world champion Sagi Muki in defense of Navid Afkari. I felt it was a true show of international solidarity among athletes.

What disgusted me was the trolling by people, who were genuinely horrified, not by the death sentence, but the fact that it was an Israeli doing it?

I was furious to see responses to the post that called Sagi a hypocrite and cursed the country he came from?

On Quora, instead of focusing on the fact that a man is about to be murdered, people wanted to have a discussion about Israeli freedom of the press.

If an Australian called for justice for the Rohingya, would it be appropriate for me to bring up Australia’s genocide of the Aborigine people and the fact that almost everyone there is a settler, on stolen land?

I know, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, but that refers to violence. When it comes to speaking out for human rights, no one has a perfect record.

By the standard shown to my post, it proves no country can speak out. I can find human rights violations in every single country. That doesn’t negate the truth that Iran is going to torture and execute an innocent man, and even people in North Korea should be free to speak up.

It sickens me that people were more offended by the fact that an Israeli considered his county a democracy than the fact that an innocent man is about to be flogged half to death and murdered.

I know I’m repeating myself, but I genuinely am starting to wonder if I have to because no one seems to be listening.

It really makes me lose hope for humanity when people hate Israel more than they care about human life.


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