A Throwback to a Harder Time

Me, on my third class with Raz Chen on January 18th, 2018.

So I’ve been moping a lot lately. I’m surprised no one has thrown me into the nearest body of water.

I’m on zero sleep, and I’m so depressed.

So I left work early (I can finish tonight in the evening, it’s a day working of research)and went outside early to the Kraveria (no, that’s not what it’s called, but I love it and now it’s what it’s called), put on my earphones and just blasted this song and began “dancing.”

Okay, so my dancing was mostly Jab, Hook, upper cross, upper cross, front kick, back kick. I’m a terrible dancer, but it was awesome to just let it out.

So I put on my GIIIIIIIIRLPOWEEEEEER anthem mix.

And this was done to squats. Squats are pain leaving the heart and going to the tightening of the gluteus maximus. I am literally kicking my depression in the butt. Yes, it’s also my butt, but details, details.

PUSH UPS!!! Raz, the magnificent but terrifying instructor says “I did many many push-ups in the army. It builds character. You can support yourself no matter what.”

So I ask, what do I do when I’m completely broken? I ask questions and ask two very vital lessons.

1. This is why you shouldn’t ask questions if you aren’t prepared to know the answer.

2. The answer will be right. The pain will be real.

There’s an evil glint in his eyes. “BURPEES.”

Image for post
Image for post

My exact expression.

For those who don’t know what burpees is, Raz will explain.

“It’s perfect. When you are on your belly, you are at your lowest. You are as low as you can go. But then you rise on your own power, and you jump high and tall,” he says, looking maniacal. Okay, sorry, Raz, but Israel isn’t enough. For this song, I’m going to have to summon the powers of Ireland to motivate me.


These songs will raise your mood. And maybe inspire you to remember, things will be okay.

Also, Kraveria is now a thing.

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