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So, today it happened. I reached 1,000 classes of Krav Maga. We did 1000 punches to celebrate and I got cheered by my friends.

It’s a good day. Despite the world going mad, I’m so happy.

I’m normally not allowed to rest on my laurels but I’m giving myself fifteen minutes to be really proud of myself. Despite how stressed and scared I am, I accomplished this goal.

I look back at the last twenty-seven months and I see myself in a way that I rarely allow myself. I am normally so self-critical, but right now, I look into the mirror and I’m proud of my reflection.

I see someone who had grit to keep going. I’m not athletically talented, but I worked so hard. I kept going through so many obstacles. After all this hard work, I am marking this milestone to reflect on the other changes.

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I spent 1000 hours getting mentally stronger and healthier. I got confidence in myself and my body. I challenged my body in new ways and learned more about my limits. I gained awareness of my physical limitations and learned how to modify and compensate for them.

I spent 1000 hours meeting amazing friends and having adventures. I had incredible birthdays and holidays and parties and dinners. I had long conversations where I learned about the world through new perspectives.

I spent 1000 hours with many incredible teachers, including Raz Chen, whose words at the beginning mean so much more today. “If you don’t give up on yourself, I won’t give up on you.” We never gave up and today is a tribute to him as well.

However, I’m going to allow myself this moment in the sun, because I know that as brilliant as he is as a teacher, it was my choice to learn. I’m not special. I’m not athletically talented. All I could offer was my refusal to quit and my desire to keep improving.

Today proved that was enough to accomplish great things.

So, now what? My fifteen minutes of playing my favorite songs and lying on the couch after a grueling class are over. Now I have to look to the future.

Of course, my next goal is 1500 but I also want to do something bigger. I made a huge change in the last two years.

Now, I want to make equally big changes. I began my first 1000 in one of the worst periods of depression and with no athletic skills. I’m in a better place now, (even with the pandemic) and I want to make another huge leap.

So, I’m writing to Raz right now, to ask him what he suggests will be my next big project. Because in Krav Maga, there’s three choices. Do nothing, do good and do better.

I went from nothing to good. Now, it’s time for the better.

Writer, lawyer, Kravist, friend

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